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mishmishapricot's Journal

"This is You"
But who am I? ...And who are you?
Where are we? And why are we here?
{End Philosophy}
I'm an Australian Artist and Writer, still attending Highschool with failing grades. I think too much and work too little. I draw when I'm not writing and I roleplay when I'm not sleeping. Blood is thicker than water but glue is thicker than blood. My friends and I, we stick together. I air guitar and finger drum, I kick some serious ass (on medium) on Guitar Hero, and I absolutely suckROCK at Halo. I would, honestly, give up friendship with my irl friends to be able to have my online friends all live together in the same area.
Everyone dreams and I share my dream with my blood and glue, friends since forever, Puma. We will bring about the phenomenon we've named We The Freaks. But first we have to graduate, go to University, and get a life so we can actually think it through.
I listen to a vast variety of music. Mostly Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Green Day and The Offspring. I was raised listening to The Offspring and The Eagles, and I am definitely Punk at heart, even if I am just a big cuddly teddy bear.
My love will always go out to:-
My beautiful darling Puma, like the princess in the tower I will one day be her knight in shining armour.
My corrupter and still my favourite roleplay partner, Miss Bilvy. I have roleplayed with you for the longest time that I have roleplayed with anyone. You taught me dedication, patience, and that gay/les people are so much cooler than straight ones.
My darling little faggot Bertfaice, whom I still have no clue what gender they are. I'm just going to stick with believing you're a boy, it's so much easier on my brain that way.
And Emily, probably my tightest friend who doesn't use internet. You know my secrets and I know yours. I can see right through you, and you not so much me. Perhaps that's a good thing.
You people are my driving force that keeps me running day in and day out.
Without you I would be blind and lost.
Thankyou so much.